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Treetops, Manor Road, Writhlington, Radstock, BA3 3NATelephone:  01761 437098 / 07801 814459 / 07525 371669   

Fancy Birds 

You'll find all the top brands in our selected range at fantastic prices. We ensure that we supply only top-quality goods.  Below is a small sample of the products that we sell for fancy birds - prices are for goods collected from our premises in Radstock.  At the present time prices are very volatile.  We endeavour to update any changes on this website but you are welcome to contact us to check price and availability.  


Countrywide Bird Foods

Special Budgie 20kg £19.70

Best Budgie 20kg £21.10

Premium Canary & Yellow Biscuit 20kg £25.95

Australian Grass Parakeet/Lovebird 20kg £23.90

Foreign Finch 20kg £21.35

Parrot + Fruit 12.5kg £23.20


Colonels Bird Food

Canary No 2 20kg £22.00

Foreign Finch 20kg £18.70

Parakeet & Lovebird 20kg £19.15

Parrot Feast 12.5kg £18.85

Parrot Tropical 12.5kg £20.05

BBB Budgie 20kg £17.20

Budgie 50/50 20kg £19.00


Versele Laga BIrd Foods

phone for quotation on these please


Also range of goods from:

Carrs Cage & Aviary





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