Racing Pigeons

For best prices look no further!

Fancy Birds

Parrots, budgies, cockatiels, finches, etc, good food stocked for all types  


Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish are all catered for at Treetops

Wild Birds

New in stock!  Chopped peanuts - excellent when mixed with sunflower hearts.





Versele Laga



Tollisan Products


Fancy Bird






Parakeets  ....

Small Animal


Guinea Pigs





Bags of dog food available - ask for a price on your favourite brand.  Chewsticks for dental health


Chicken Corn

Layers Pellets

Layers Mash




We are now also stocking Vanrobaeys pigeon corn - please ring if you want to ask for a particular bag of this popular seed.  If we don't have it in stock at the moment we will order in for you on our next pallet.  Prices as usual are competitve!


We take bird food to Taunton once a month and also to Bramshaw.  If you are interested in collecting bird food from us from either of these locations, please call us for more information.  


We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking Tollisan products.  This company has an unrivalled range of products to ensure that your birds are healthy.  Please contact us for prices and availability.


We have are now able to supply more items for small animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs.  If you feed an "expensive" brand of food we feel confident that we will be able to better the price you are currently paying from other outlets.  Please ask us for a price.  These items are order only we do not keep in stock on the shelf.  


Lot of people are now deciding that they like the idea of free range eggs and it is surprising how little trouble it is to keep a few chickens to supply you with the very freshest eggs for your own consumption.  We can supply you with everything you need for your laying hens!  


We pride ourselves on our ability to source the products that our customers want and prices that they will like - call us to find out if we can get something for you.


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